We are an Argentine Research and Development Company that produces maize hybrids and provides services to the seeds industry.

Sam Hyland and Ann O’Farrell founded the company in 1993 using their experience, know-how and contacts in the local and international seeds industry.

Sam Hyland was a shareholder and director of Criadero y Semillero Morgan, a leading company in the maize seeds market in Argentina in the 1970s and 1980s. Ann O’Farrell is a direct descendant of Don Eduardo Carlos Morgan, founder of Criadero y Semillero Morgan.

Rusticana partnered with CPAg Federico Llobet and started its research and genetic improvement programs. CPAg Federico Llobet, who had previously developed maize genetic improvement programs for Morgan and Asgrow and was later Research Director for Continental in Brazil, contributed his experience and know-how as he already had his own genetic improvement program.

Rusticana initially focused on developing special maize seeds like red flint corn for regional companies under a license scheme. The first hybrids were licensed in 1997 to Don Mario Semillas.

CPAg Santiago Ganchegui joined the company’s genetic research department in 1999 and he currently serves as Technical Director of Criadero Rusticana.

In 2000 Rusticana started an intensive improvement program of grain and silage semi-dent hybrids for subtropical and temperate regions for the Argentine market.

In 2008 Rusticana began to develop high oil hybrid corn for subtropical and temperate regions for Cargill SACI. These special hybrids called Proave are currently being successfully grown by producers throughout Argentina.

With over 23 years of research experience, Rusticana is a leader in sourcing red flint corn genetics free of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs).

Rusticana has also developed a competitive genetic improvement program for grain and silage semi-dent hybrids.

At present Rusticana provides maize genetics and production services to more than 25 domestic and foreign companies.